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South Africa offers an abundance of skincare products. Some are developed through scientific research while others take customer feedback into consideration when developing them. Many can be purchased at specialist stores or salons.

This serum features optimal amounts of top quality retinol to combat celluar ageing and reduce wrinkle depth, hydrate skin and enhance tone.
African Extracts

South Africa is well known for its rich biodiversity and heritage of traditional medicine, making natural plant extracts for skincare products South Africa an increasingly popular trend. African Extracts’ rooibos skin care range utilizes its healing powers (Aspalathus linearis) to craft powerful cosmetic solutions.

This innovative method enables cosmeceuticals products to be created using ingredients with both pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties, creating new opportunities in the industry. Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate this alternative to chemically synthesized products which may cause harm to the environment.

The cosmeceutical industry can make important contributions to South Africa’s economy, job creation, entrepreneurship skills development and intellectual property generation through indigenous medicinal plants. With online shopping allowing many small and medium sized enterprises (SMMEs) into beauty and personal care industries in South Africa, government support should be extended so these SMMEs can develop innovative products competitive with global offerings and compete effectively against multinational firms on global markets.

Skincare line that uses natural extracts for products that are safe for skin. Independent dermatologists have reviewed each product, testing for safety and efficacy without toxic materials such as parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances sulfates SLS animal testing or toxic compounds being present. Furthermore, 100% money back guarantees are offered with these products from this brand.skincare

These products include sunscreen, skin serums and facial wash that feature anti-ageing ingredients like peptides and Vitamin A to combat premature aging of skin cells. Furthermore, they protect from UVA/UVB radiation exposure with physical/chemical filters as well as antioxidants like Sunflower Sprout Extract, Caesalpinia Spinos Fruit Extract and Chromanol; providing SPF 50 protection oxybenzone-free protection.

K-beauty products have quickly become a top skincare choice in South Africa, thanks to their highly effective yet time-consuming regimens which include multiple cleanses, tones and moisturizers. Many K-beauty products use natural ingredients like snail slime, green tea leaves or soybeans – giving users plump, moisturized skin that looks youthful! K-beauty can be found at most beauty salons throughout South Africa.

Lamelle is an indigenous South African cosmeceutical brand that develops evidence-based solutions to skin concerns through research through biotechnology. They offer meaningful solutions that boost confidence, such as pigmentation control, problematic skin care treatments, age correction products and sun protection solutions.

They offer facial skincare products including cleansers, exfoliators and facial masks; as well as supplements designed to complement them such as one product to assist with acne; another designed to ease menopause symptoms and a third for hormone-related pigmentation/melasma.

Lamelle Correctives skin serums are designed to give your complexion an intensive boost with active ingredients that target specific issues – anti-age, hydration, vitamin C, retinol and hyperpigmentation among them.

Cleansers from Dermaceutic offer effective makeup removal and impurity removal to safeguard against environmental pollutants. Squalane mimics your natural oils while antioxidants and botanical extracts provide protection from oxidative stress. Available at select pharmacies like Clicks and Dischem as well as online sales platforms, these cleanser are available with qualified skincare professionals as well.

Esse is a probiotic skincare brand with an impressive ethos, employing biotechnology and green chemistry to support the skin’s natural microbiome in order to restore balance. They’re certified organic, vegan and cruelty free as well as carbon and plastic neutral. Furthermore, they support fair trade practices – not to mention possessing the world’s first live probiotic serum with 50 million probiotic microbes per drop to actively shape your ecosystem, improve barrier function and slow ageing!

Their Sensitive range was specifically created to balance and calm highly reactive skin conditions like young acne, irritated couperosa, excema, and perioral dermatitis. Prioritising microbiome health can help to significantly decrease reactivity within three months.

Wellness Warehouse and we have come together to offer one lucky reader an Esse Rewilding experience, including an Esse Professional Facial, Probiotic Ampoule, and Oxygen Exclusion Mask! Simply leave a comment here on this post sharing one or two skincare secrets/tips; this giveaway is open only to South African residents until 31 August 2022 and you can view full terms and conditions here.skincare
Korean & Japanese Beauty

Korean and Japanese Beauty have quickly become the latest beauty trend, garnering global acclaim due to the high regard Asian women hold for skincare – they value trying new things enthusiastically!

K-beauty products rely on innovative yet natural ingredients; The Face Shop’s rice water bright light cleanser, Dr. Jart+’s cicapair tiger grass calming mask and Benton’s snail mucin serum all boast innovative yet natural components. Additionally, many top Japanese beauty products use time-honored natural elements such as green tea and hyaluronic acid in their formulas – two ingredients which have long been utilized.

K-beauty can be thought of as your hip, stylish millennial cousin – she’s great at spreading awareness through social media and introducing us to exciting products such as essence and ampoules. However, this fad goes deeper than cute packaging or viral trends; its foundation lies in science and serious formulas that actually work.

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