Fundamentals Skincare Review

Fundamentals Skincare is an innovative local brand that believes having access to high quality, well researched, and trustworthy products shouldn’t depend on one’s wallet. Their extensive range of face serums and basic skincare items all fall under one price point.

When introducing new products into your routine, she advises introducing them slowly – one at a time – to minimize irritation while ensuring essential ingredients can reach all layers of skin. This approach should allow essential components of products to penetrate their intended skin layers more fully.

Cleaning should be at the core of every skincare regimen. “Without an effective cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its essential oils and damage its barrier function, getting results with other products could prove challenging,” warns Athena Hewett of Monastery Athena Hewett estheticians and founder.

Hewett advises those with oily skin to invest in a foaming wash with niacinamide and ceramides to soothe redness while protecting their moisture barrier and keeping your complexion clear. Hewett suggests this one for use.

For dry and sensitive skin, this nourishing formula combines moringa extract for nourishment, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and natural oils like olive and sunflower to remove makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin. Plus, it’s fragrance-, hypoallergenic-, and paraben-free for maximum effectiveness on even the most delicate parts of your face!

Peterson recommends this drugstore option for combination and acne-prone skin as a gentle exfoliant that works to slough away dead skin and minimize large pores with exfoliants such as lactic acid, glycolic acid and willow bark extract. With its creamy formula that’s easy on sensitive skin and calm calming feel it makes an excellent second cleanse when double-cleansing is used.

Moisturizer should be part of every skincare routine – it hydrates the skin, makes applying makeup much simpler and prevents dryness – not to mention being an essential item during any season!skincare

Your choice of moisturizer depends on both your individual skin care needs and the makeup you wear; for instance, gel moisturizer is water-based and lightweight while cream contains more oils to hydrate the complexion more efficiently. Ointments provide thick coverage to maintain maximum hydration for long.

The best moisturizers contain ingredients tailored specifically to address your specific skin concerns, like anti-ageing, acne, hydration or hyperpigmentation. Avoid overloading yourself with products at once to avoid irritation; try new ones one at a time instead. Moisturizer should always come first when applying serum and mists; doing this gives layers something to adhere to and gives the layers something to adhere to – Dr. Barbara Sturm’s cooling gel moisturizer has an appealing bouncy texture and contains hyaluronic acid as well as skullcap extract (for cell renewal) and niacinamide which combat excess oiliness – Hallie Gould from Byrdie calls it her “most treasured moisturizer”. It makes an excellent last step before SPF and makeup application!

Sunscreen may seem like an unnecessary part of your daily skincare regimen, but it’s actually essential for maintaining healthy skin. Be sure to use an SPF 30+ sunscreen every morning and apply a second application throughout the day if possible.

Physical (mineral) sunscreens typically include ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that create a barrier against UV rays, while chemical sunscreens contain ingredients which absorb UV rays before dispersing them to protect the skin from any further damage. It is wise to reapply both kinds of sunscreen regularly.

People of color should select tinted sunscreens containing iron oxides to help darken the appearance of their skin and lower their chance of leaving a white cast.

No matter which mineral or chemical sunscreen product you choose, it is crucial that the product be both broad spectrum and water resistant. Apply your sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before heading outside; application needs to be repeated every two hours or as often as needed during outdoor activity.

Face serums are the backbone of any effective skincare routine. Contained within light oil- or water-based liquids, they work to target specific issues like wrinkles and discoloration using smaller molecules that penetrate deep into your skin for maximum active ingredient delivery. Most serums come with droppers so they’re easy to apply – you only need a few drops daily!

If you’re suffering from fine lines and dullness, using a serum containing vitamin C and retinol will help rejuvenate your complexion and minimize wrinkles. If your pores are clogged or you are experiencing breakouts, try adding salicylic acid and niacinamide into the formula to calm skin down and avoid future outbreaks.

Hydrating serums that contain hyaluronic acid will be great at plumping the skin and adding moisture, making them the ideal solution for dry skin types. Apply your serum first before layering on an occlusive moisturizer like face creams with sunscreen protection as the final step.

Foundation makeup refers to liquid, cream or powder makeup applied to the face and neck to even out skin tone and conceal flaws. “Foundation may also act as a moisturizer, sunscreen or astringent,” notes Yeo.

Hybrid foundations of today provide all this and more, thanks to skin-care ingredients that work to enhance your complexion as you wear them. One such nourishing formula contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera for hydration while shea butter, chamomile flower extract and adenosine soothe the skin; providing medium to full buildable coverage with natural glow and broad spectrum SPF 15 protection.

Mellinger loves this clean foundation for its lightweight blurring action that appears just like skin, as well as its nourishing ingredients (jojoba oil and ashwagandha). There are 18 shades to accommodate different skin tones including olive, deep peach and bronze tones.

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